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Citizens Against Port Expansion

Citizens Against Port Expansion (CAPE) - a group that works closely with A.P.E. - was formed several years ago by a group of South Delta church-goers concerned about stewardship. Specifically, protection & preservation of the Creator's planet. Stewardship, for us, is an obligation; a responsibility that we cannot - & will not - abdicate. The issues are varied: second container terminal on Roberts Bank; coal trains; jet fuel storage; encroachment into Burns Bog; habitat banking; South Fraser Perimeter Road, to name a few. 

Terminal 2 Operators

The following five potential operators for T2 have been short listed and the Port of Vancouver has asked each one to submit a Request for Proposal. Why not tell each one of these potential operators about your concerns and the risks to a world class ecosystem? Click on each of the email addresses below, to send emails with your concerns to the officer in each corporation

Abu Dhabi Terminals

Ole Pugholm, CFO

GrupTCB/Mitsubishi Corp Consortium
Jack Craig, President & CEO, APM Terminals North America Inc.

Ports America

Michael F. Hassing, CEO

PSA International

Tan Chong Meng, Group CEO

Terminal Link/CMHI Consortium

Farid Salem, Executive Officer, CMA-CGM

In addition there are several potential infrastructure developers that may be contracted to build T2. Click on the name, go to their website and send an email.

SNC Lavalin
APM Terminals


Port Community Liaison Committee Delta

A community liaison group working with the Port of Vancouver on all port related issues in Delta, including Deltaport and Roberts Bank T2 . Any questions relating to port issues can be sent to this committee.

Residents Against Dibden Bay Port
An action group that successfully fought off a six-berth container terminal in Dibden, England. It can be done!

Sunbury Neighbourhood Association 

An information source for issues involving the South Fraser Perimeter Road/Gateway Program.

Save Delta

BC's Environmental Assessment Office - Deltaport Third Berth Project 
Learn what government agencies, aboriginal groups, environmental groups and the general public had to say about the environmental assessment studies undertaken for Deltaport's Third Berth Project. See "Under Review" for links to each category.

BC's Environmental Assessment Office - South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR)
Contains information and public comments/submissions regarding the review of the SFPR, prior to its approval and construction
A website by Fraser Transportation Group that built and maintains SFPR. See the photos to get an understanding of how much farmland was destroyed.

The Gateway Program 
Information on the Provincial government's billion dollar transportation plan to improve the movement of goods throughout Greater Vancouver.

Gateway 30 Network 
30 community groups opposing the Gateway Program

Satellite Views of other Port Cities

Check out some of the links to other major port cities - do we want Vancouver to look like this?