Against Port Expansion

How to Help save the delta environmentt

Make a Donation

We are always grateful to receive donations. Through the generousity of supporters, A.P.E. has been able to promote public awareness on Deltaport's expansion plans and the detrimental effects they will have on Delta, and other Lower Mainland communities and the habitat of endangered species. As our campaign escalates and we target a broader audience, the costs will also rise. The true strength in this battle will come from the heat generated by public pressure. The more people we educate, the more heat we'll apply.

Please note:  our Paypal Account is currently unavailable. If you wish to make a donation please mail a cheque to the address below:

If you would rather mail a cheque, please send to:

Against Port Expansion
P.O. Box 18060
1215-C 56th Street
Delta BC V4L 2M4

Thank you kindly. Every bit helps!