Against Port Expansion

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The Port of Vancouver is moving ahead with port development plans at Roberts Bank for a second terminal despite fundamental opposition from scientists (including Environment Canada's own scientists), environmental groups, and the public. The Liberal Government needs to be reminded that it was re-elected on a platform that included better protection for the environment, especially wetland habitats. 

Let your voice be heard!

Using this link you can find your MP

And write your own letter opposing RBT2.

Alternatively if you prefer below are links to two letters. Click on the link of one or both and it will download to your computer. Import the download, copy into your email system, add the date and your name and then send it to the politicians.

1. This is a letter specific to the report from the federally appointed Review Panel and is addressed to the Prime Minister, Ministers of Environment and Transport, and two local MPs, for Delta and for Vancouver Quadra.


2. This is a general letter to the Prime Minister, Ministers of Environment and Transport and their BC Provincial counterparts: