Against Port Expansion


The provincial and federal governments are moving ahead with port development plans at Roberts Bank for a second terminal despite fundamental opposition from scientists (including Environment Canada's own scientists), environmental groups, and the public. 

Even more infuriating is the fact that there is absolutely NO BUSINESS JUSTIFICATION for expanding port operations in Delta. The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority continues to over estimate container traffic growth at its four container ports. Cumulative compound rate growth (2007-2020) is below 3%. Total Containers (TEUs) for 2021 for all BC Ports was 4.7 mill TEUs versus a capacity of 7 million TEUs. So there is no shortage of container terminal capacity. BC ports will be handling about 7 million containers per year by 2030 versus an expected capacity of 9 million TEUs. Industry experts estimate BC ports will have sufficient capacity into the 2030s by which time with the planned expansions in Vancouver and Prince Rupert there will be more than enough port capacity on the west coast for Canada’s trading needs without ever building Terminal 2. In fact, according to numbers provided by the port operators and port authorities, BC ports will be able to handle 10 million containers and potentially even up to 11.2 million without building Terminal 2. 

Why then...... 

  • are billions of our tax dollars footing the bill for port development in Delta, and the infrastructure required to support it? 
  • are we sacrificing thousands of hectares of prime agricultural land for warehouses, rail yards, and container storage facilities? 
  • are we risking the renowned, ecologically sensitive treasures of Roberts Bank? 
  • are Delta residents being asked to breathe in the filthy air from the tripled number of trucks, trains and ships utilizing a terminal that's not even needed?

We want Terminal 2 denied approval 

Please join APE in demanding the federal government turn down the Port Authority's demand for second terminal on Roberts Bank. Join us as we insist that we've had enough, and it's time our elected leaders preserve Delta's quality of life by saying "NO" to Terminal 2. Please sign your name below, to let the Federal Government know that you expect them to DENY APPROVAL FOR TERMINAL 2. 

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